The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the CUEE Digital Buyer’s Marketplace.

Is this a virtual CUEE event?

No, this is not a virtual event. We needed to pivot to adapt to the current environment and the ongoing pandemic. As much as we would like to have a traditional trade show, it just wasn’t going to work this year. So in true EDA fashion, we wanted to provide you with something better than a virtual version of the traditional in-person trade show in terms of exposure and value.

If it’s not a virtual event, what is the new CUEE?

It’s an online “catalogue” listing of vendors where you can showcase your full suite of products. It will be in the form of a ‘microsite’ website. It will be completely dedicated to our exhibitors so that you can display your products to anyone, anywhere, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Why the CUEE Digital Buyer’s Marketplace?

Funny you should ask that. We started with the concept of a catalogue listing, but we quickly realized this really didn’t recreate the feeling of an in-person event. It just wasn’t enough. We wanted to make sure you were getting all the “bells and whistles” that keeps you connected to potential buyers. Thus, the CUEE Digital Buyer’s Marketplace was born. We wanted you to have the flexibility to add whatever you needed to feature your products – like photos, sales sheets, even video – and sell your services. It’s like your own dedicated “page” in a CUEE catalogue listing – only much more!

Who can I talk to about which package is right for my business?

To discuss the right package for your business, please contact the EDA’s digital partner Titus/One to discuss offerings and options for your dedicated exhibitor page. Neil Ewen or Paul Knight will be your main contacts at Titus/One and will be happy to walk you through the sales packages.

What are the different packages on offer?

We are currently offering three different packages to choose from — the Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla. Each package allows a different number of product listings and posted support materials, with two packages offering media campaigns for your company through EDA digital channels. For more details about each package including prices, please visit the Register page .

Where do I purchase a package to add my products and services to the Marketplace?

You can purchase a package to add your products and services to the digital Marketplace through your existing EDA account. Once you have registered for a package on the EDA site, come back to the CUEE Marketplace Login page to sign in and get started!

Wait, what if I have more questions?

No problem, feel free to contact Marica Macura or Judy Ward if you have any additional questions.

Where do the images on the site come from? 

Any image you see in the Marketplace, thumbnails on the listing page, company logos, products images, are posted by the vendor after they have purchased a package and been provided a login to the site.

The images displayed on the All Categories page — which also rotate on the homepage banner — are stock images. A special thank-you to Bruno Mira, Francisco Andreotti, Scott Graham and Iqram-O-dowla Shawon of Unsplash.com for providing some of these.