Strand Blocked Cable Injection

Cable, Line, Pipe Laying Equipment

Strand Blocked Cable Injection

Cable, Line, Pipe Laying Equipment
Novinium Underground has developed a new method to inject and treat strand-blocked (strand filled) cables. This latest technological invention adds to our portfolio of services offered to our utility partners to increase underground electric cable reliability.


Cost Effective

Average cost of rejuvenation is one-third or less the cost of replacement.

System Friendly

Requires very little of your time and your staff’s attention – trained crew can work directly with dispatchers.

Capital Efficient

FERC and RUS approved for efficient deployment of your capital.

Customer Friendly

Saves destruction of customers’ yards, average time to address segment < 90 minutes.

Extended Cable Life

Cable rejuvenation increases the dielectric strength of your underground system making it like new. The time-released nature of the injection process allows long-term delivery of the functional materials so that rejuvenation not only reverses the failure trend of installed cable, but outperforms cable replacement in the long-term.


Novinium Rejuvenation has helped utilities mitigate approximately 660K metric tons of CO2.